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Inazo Nitobe "Bushido, The Soul of Japan"

Have you ever read Inazo Nitobe "Bushido, The Soul of Japan"? A book highly acclaimed by United States President Theodore Roosevelt.

I think it is a wonderful book as a Japanese. I consider Japan, the best book to present Japanese people. I think so coolly. However, I think that ordinary Japanese people often cannot understand.

Inazo Nitobe said that the answer to where Japanese

Many people (e.g. European, American) could lean morals and ethics by monotheistic (Christian, Islamic, Jewish). All Japanese has taken root "bushido" for a long time. "Bushido" is morals and ethics. So, All Japanese is inherited the spirit of Samurai! I felt it was a cool idea.

You may find it useful to learn Japanese history. In order to maintain their power, the government has organized the country by animism (religion worship), religion, and Confucianism, and has created a unique Japanese culture. The Japanese have built a unique hybrid culture by animism, religion, and Confucianism.

I wrote that to know Japan, you need to live long in Japan. That's because you can't understand Japan's unique hybrid culture without contacting various Japanese people.

If Japanese people are told about religion..... Japanese cannot answer that immediately. The reason is that there are many options. Also, All Japanese people have acquired various religions, morals, and ethics by ruling over the Authority in Japanese history.

Then, the Japanese may be not able to notice "Bushido", which are morals and ethics.





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