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YOSHIN-KAN will hold an event at YOSHIN-KAN Headquarters (2-2-3-3 Hijirigaoka, Tama City, Tokyo) to support the growth of athletes who are passionate about competitive karate. A new player course has been established. This special program offers advanced training and professional instruction and is designed for members with a passion for competitive karate.

The Athletes' Course provides the perfect environment for athletes who want to achieve success in competitive karate by the All Japan Karatedo Federation or the Japan Karate Association. We also have a program for early elementary school students to aim for black belt (first degree).

Participation in this course requires regular practice and dedication. Therefore, only those who pass the interview will be accepted. The coaches do their best to support the players in achieving their goals and watch over their growth.


・ 松濤館空手の技術

・ 競技空手の戦術と戦略の指導

・ スパーリングと試合の機会

・ 早期、黒帯初段(最短3年、努力次第)

◆Training to improve advanced techniques and skills

・ Shotokan Karate Techniques

・ Instruction on competitive karate tactics and strategies

・ Sparring and match opportunities

・ Early stage, 1st degree black belt (minimum 3 years, depends on effort)


月曜日: 18:00~19:00(合同練習)、19:00~20:00(選手のみ)

水曜日: 17:30~18:30(合同練習)、18:30~19:30(選手のみ)

土曜日: 19:00~20:00(合同練習)、20:00~21:00(選手のみ)



◆Practice schedule

Monday: 18:00-19:00 (joint practice all members), 19:00-20:00 (athletes only)

Wednesday: 17:30-18:30 (joint practice all members), 18:30-19:30 (athletes only)

Saturday: 19:00-20:00 (joint practice), 20:00-21:00 (athletes only)

◆Practice location

Yoshinkan Headquarters, 2-22-3-3 Hijirigaoka, Tama City, Tokyo/Free parking available


YOSHIN-KAN's slogan is "International exchange through what we are good at". Through the power of karate, we also provide opportunities to compete and study karate abroad. Enhance your self-belief, seize the opportunity to develop your skills in competitive karate, and expand your future possibilities. We invite you to join our athletes' course and challenge yourself to a new stage of training.





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