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Japanese Karate "YOSHINKAN" starts at global networking private school

TOKYO, Japan, March 26, 2020 - YOSHINKAN starts at a global networking private school from Tokyo, Japan. Martial arts such as karate are often aimed at winning competitions like Karate. We aim to educate Japanese martial arts with a strong mind, education to build a strong body, education to learn tradition and history, and education to build oneself as a companion. Then, we aim at understanding Japan worldwide. Private School /YOSHINKAN KARATE & KICKBOXING Do you want to have a living environment where you can enjoy your daily life and always have a purpose and a challenge? To do that, you need to be able to enjoy things that you don't like or do. Through the Japanese martial arts, /YOSHINKAN aims to help individuals acquire the qualities needed for social activities. Before the martial arts, it should be a place of human development and a place of self-establishment. As a social education, we want to be a place where you can learn about self-development and preparations and ways of thinking for the future that can not be enjoyed in schools and workplaces. In the past, there were old schools called private schools, clan schools, and Terakoya in Japan. However, the school has been operating as a private school and YOSHINKAN as a place where you can aim for the future-oriented literary and civilian roads Master and Founder Mr. Shoichi Kudo He is Master of YOSHINKAN (Awarded Karate 7th Dan, Master License). He studied Karate, Kyudo, kendo, Judo, Aikido, Iaido, and Kobudo, and has multiple qualifications. Established YOSHINKAN after working for Shotokan-style Karate "Nozaki KAIKAN" headquarters, head of Tama branch, and kickboxing chairperson Nozaki GYM. Shoichi Kudo graduated Chuo University. As a student, he experienced a private school tutor and a private tutor for high school exams. Aiming at becoming a school teacher, a junior high school and high school teacher license (4 subjects) was granted. We make use of this knowledge and experience in the Dojo which is social education. Through exchanges with OBs who worked in the company while working as a student, he felt the need to grow while improving his own skills when talking to people. After working for a Japanese advanced technology maker, he flourished and moved to foreign companies such as the United States, Canada, Sweden, and Germany. Mainly launched the Asia Pacific (including Japanese) market. He has held important positions such as Chief Executive Officer of the Asia Pacific of a listed overseas company (Headquarters Director) and Representative Director of a Japanese corporation. Since then, he has been involved in the business in positions such as entrepreneurship (CEO & COO), outside officers and advisers.

New martial arts at YOSHINKAN Based on karate hitting techniques, it incorporates the techniques of Kobudo and Aiki Jiu-Jitsu, and establishes a unique fighting technique that combines "traditional martial arts" and "modern martial arts". Formerly known as "Kensei(oldest Super Master)", Okinawan Karate and Yasune Itosu stated that as a condition of karate. One, Traditional Okinawan karate that has been struggling hard for decades. Second, it should practice such as stick, rhinoceros, nunchaku art, and tonfa” related to karate. Third, it should have considerable insight into Chinese Kempo and other martial arts. Then, YOSHINKAN has accumulated a lot of skills based on the teachings and deepened the knowledge of various martial arts. Information and contact





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